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toilet seat.

yeah, what, everything fell to pieces. so i ended up falling down! hey, man, the fallenoptimist was on drugs, yo, i was just drunked. & its not like other motherfuckers were sober. okay, they weren't as damaged, but that just means they are pussies. i mean, we were sippin' on vodka on the train from here to there, knameen? even if there turned out to be closed, that fucking martian bar idea being palpably flushed. we did rendezvous with the illscientist, me cristopher & nine, but missed the simon & terra monsters. i only even got there like 12 minutes late! i guess now i know what cher was talking about when she sang about turning back time. also; did anyone get any digits last night? seriously, where is the action at. ps. my girlfriend hates me 100 points.

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