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from the doctrines of dachauskrim eyekiller.

page 13.
"...the dynamics of deity-mortal interaction have largely been occluded by those who benefit most from the system: the gods. unable to exsist without coerced adulation, the divine powers of the outer planes have subjugated the various prime material planes, from butt-fuck krynn to the tortured plane of oisos.. quite simply, the currency of any pantheon is worship. the gods, whether they sit atop mount celestia or at the bottom of the abyss, need it. they need mortals. fuck, without the primes, the astral & outer planes would fall to pieces. so much for that shit-wheel of a cosmos. somehow, through buggery & trickery, the deities have convinced mortals that it is the gods who are indespensible. take it from a guy on the inside: gods are plenty fucking dispensable. its all the people who make the world go round & fucking round."
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