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Star Wars: End of Empire: Opening Crawl.

It is a time of chaos. The fledgling NEW REPUBLIC struggles to bring peace to the galaxy following the Battle of Endor, with the brutal order of the Empire shattered in the aftermath of the Emperor's death.

On the junkyard planet of Ord Mantell, the unthinkable: the robots revolt! The secretive DROID UPRISING fights simultaneously against the nobility, the Imperial garrison & the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Amidst the turmoil, the starships of a faction controlled by the Royal Guard, the PRAETORIANS, arrive, & Imperator Tanda Pryl's forces attempt to occupy the planet below...
Tags: end of empire, star wars
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Sounds fantastic. I will be following your progress with great interest!
If I can figure out what system to use!
Why not WOD?
It occurred to me but I've already got that sandbox, & part of the idea of playing in another world is that I won't have to be the high maintenance worldbuilder, homebrewer, houseruler that I am with Oubliette. But you know, I thought/think about it. I just got the Fantasy Flight book for scoundrels, we'll see how I like it.
Fanasy Flight is...interesting? The complexity is lo-fi: special dice, select "traits" but with the core mechanic simple. I can deal with that.