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Fus Roh Dah.

Last week was tricky because-- well, here is the thing. I scoff at "busy" people, as a rule. Yeah, I get it, you have a job & social obligations. Everyone does. You're "being busy" doesn't impress me; it just seems like you aren't good at prioritizing your time. I get it, though-- sometimes in the same situation I just tell people I'm not going to hang out with them, & I give the honest reason. Like "I'm going to the gym & I won't let you tempt me" or "nah, I am going to hang out with Jenny, I like her more than you" or whatever. So with that caveat, last week at work was busy, working through lunches & staying late. That is really only one of the excuses I have to being so absent from the internet, though, & it isn't really the major one. My lunch break isn't the lynchpin of my online life. The real problem-- as you've guessed, or if you know me, as you already know-- is Skyrim. Yeah, I'm addicted, sucked down into the quasi-Viking blackhole of that game. Yesterday-- on my day off!-- Sherene came over & we went to the gym together...& then she watched me play Skyrim. In my defense, she wanted to! I just took advantage of that. I have done other things with my time, like AD&D & book club, but I haven't wanted to put any thought into a real post.

So I've continued to get better at Smithing & Enchanting; I have a full suit of Orcish armor-- with greaves, boots, helmet, the whole shebang-- that I made myself, & then enchanted. Nobody in the game is wearing armor that advanced, really; I'm outclassing my peers by a wide margin. I also have all the Heavy Armor perks I can get; my heavy armor doesn't count toward my encumbrance, which is huge, & I get a lot of percentile advantages for it being a matched set & such. Oh, & the other piece of news: I'm a werewolf. I joined a Warrior Guild, the Companions, & it turns out to be a pretty great Carlo Ginzburg-ian pagan ecstatic cult! I swore the oath, but more to the point I drank the blood & became a lycanthrope. It is under my control-- I'm not mindless or anything-- & the side perk is the real advantage. See, while I can't get the "Well Rested" bonus from sleeping, I'm permanently immune to disease. In specific, I don't have to worry about getting vampirism. Plus, Mauga, I think the wolf totem suits her. Or like, Ankylosaur, with my mace & my armor bonus. When I told Brian & Jocelyn that I became a werewolf, they said, "oh, weird, we hunt werewolves," & I was like "with the Silver Hands? Yeah, I hunt them!" so right, the various paths of the game are crazy deep & overlapping.

A bunch of Demon Princes are trying to get me to run favors for them, but not the demon prince I want! Some of the demons are more evil than others; I ran a mission for the like, one who just hates undead, for instance. The Prince of Madness had a weird quest; like, I was trapped inside the mind of a dead, mad emperor-- think like, someone from the Middle Ages being trapped in Nero's ghost's brain-- & had to go do weird Jungian quests to help his like, confidence & paranoia. There was one where a woman wanted me to be a ghoul, & was all sultry; I went on her quest planning on clicking "You're mad! I'll stop you! Let's fight!" on the dialogue tree but instead I accidentally whacked her in a fight against monsters & she turned on me. So I killed her. All's well that ends well. There is an evil door trapping a primal evil, that is a whole thing, & then there is the guy who wants me to get demon stuff for his temple...come on guys! I just want to find the patron of the orcs! Oh well. My Imperial quests are going well, & I've been promoted to being a Prefect. & I finally own a house, in White Run! Which, thanks for reminding me, I need to start buying all the Ebony ingots I can find & stashing them at my place. I'm still poor all the time; I need to get better at Speech & Smithing so that buying raw materials & making magical armor & weapons is a net gain instead of a net loss; I'm working against the classic "buy for half price" logic of RPG games.
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