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No Humbug.

Well, I talked about my Xmas loot, but not about the actual event itself. I don't know how much I actually have to pull into focus; like these things are supposed to go, it was more about company than doings, you know? Anyhow, listening to people complain about their families-- turmoils & homophobia, drama & racism, arguing about guns, whatever-- it made me pretty glad that I built my own tribe. A highly recommended tactic. Jenny & me were busy on Christmas Eve-- I went to the gym, survived a harried grocery gauntlet, & we were doing laundry & Kira & Nino's apartment while they are still upstate-- but fordmadoxfraud really was the one with the most going on, on account of him cooking. A redux of his last dinner, with variations. ranai was next up, followed eventually by James & fatbutts. The dinner turned out fantastic & then we settled in to drink wine, bourbon, beer & to watch Die Hard, which Jenny had never seen. Come on, it is pretty Christmasy! The next day was Christmas Prime, & Jenny was secretly sick! She played it cool & made parfaits, but she wasn't feeling it. Presents were opened, as was some Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. We watched Rankin & Bass' The Life & Times of Santa Claus, which sure is weird & wonderful. After that, though, I hustled folks out. Sorry! Jenny was a bit of a crab, but we watched the penultimate episode of Leverage, "The Toy Job." I'll be sad when that goes! The last episode is on our DVR now. Oh, & we watched the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, but more on that later, I'm sure.
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