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Shadow Cabinet. (71)

Justice League of America: When World's Collide by Dwayne McDuffie, et al.

The Milestone heroes
are punching the Justice League.
I don't really care.

Reading comics on a sick day is the proper procedure. Luckily, the library near me just reopened, & Jenny & I went there this weekend, where I loaded up on comics. Hey, I'll read middle of the road comics from the library, that is a thing for me. I grabbed this because...well, because I like Dwayne McDuffie's television? Really I think his skills work better on television though. This showcases a lot of the Milestone heroes, who I want to like, but too many of them are crammed into here, with too many DC c-listers, to really make sense of. It is just cluttered. The scenes with Superman & Icon talking work, but most of the rest of it is just jumbled. The stakes are never articulated & the villains aren't credible. You can see shadows of good characteristics (pun, if you've read the storyline, intended) through out-- like John Stewart & Vixen clashing over issues of race & Black Canary struggling with a lack of authority & institutional sexism-- but they never resolve & read too much like bickering & in-fighting. Of everyone in Milestone, besides Static Shock, I think Icon has the best chance of getting some pop cultural footing-- he's like a black Mon-El, sort of-- so I am glad I gave this a chance, but it doesn't really work.
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