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The Elf from The Smiling Parliament.

After Jenny & I went to breakfast, started doing laundry & after I went to the gym (four times this week, but only an hour three of those times), I went & played in fordmadoxfraud's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign. In the last session my darling gnome wild mage had been killed, so this time I reprised another character from past AD&D games; this one from Tracey's Ravenloft game: Curulókë, the elf thief. I convinced David to make Barovia a country in his game, having it act as the link between his current Forgotten Realms game & Alicia's interest in Oriental Aventures-- now, Ravenloft the the geographic region between them, like the Russia straddling between Europe & Asia. Also, as I've mentioned, my "Transylvanian accent" isn't all that terrible. He's a hyper-androgynous elf who is basically from a commune. He's a...what, communalist? That is his alignment; hippy groups, kibbutzes, kolkhozes, revolutions, special economics, whatever, that is his speed. I met up with the party, played some bagpipes & invented a new game! Sort of like chess, but played with coins-- coppers, silvers, electrum, gold, each a different piece-- but with a different purpose whether it is flipped heads or tails. That is a pretty good skeleton to come up with on the fly! We had lots of chit-chat-- disgruntled guild workers, a hipster apothecary, an over-friendly cleric, a snooty master of the hounds-- & then set off into the forest to guard a caravan. On our way to meet up with the wagons we were attacked by a giant aligator, which James' ranger sent back into the swamps...but only after it ate one of our ponies. Now I'm just folding laundry & getting ready for a long night of birthday extravagances for the big collective July birthday party.
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