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This is Hades, from the recent Wonder Woman comics. Cliff Chiang on the last image & Tony Akins on the rest. I am super effected by these pictures; I think they capture something. I mean, I haven't seen a good depiction of a god in comic books since Jack Kirby, but these hit a note of resonance. It is a fresh take-- at least to me, & I like to consider that I have a passing familiarity with depictions of gods in fiction-- that really just gets an element of occult resonance correct. The H.R. Giger spine of the armor is a nice tweak, but the candles on the screams underworld, with just the proper clang. He gets the modern man to call him "Hell," which is another element I like. He pops, here-- this Hades would fit into Baator or into a grimoire. I have to say, I'll definitely be picking this up in trade paperback, if only to ogle the archetypes.

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