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There sure was a lot of babysitting Olivia (olivia) this weekend! Jenny & I held onto her so Kira & Nino could get unpacking with a vigor. There is usually an hour warm up period or so-- she doesn't see me often enough to just drop her guard, though perhaps the new digs will mean that she'll see me often enough to just remember me. I taught her how to use the spray bottle-- spritzing her with it was fun, but now I'm regretting teaching her how a squirt gun works! Other than that, we played with the pile of globes I have, & with the computer, mostly. Or well, of the "things" we did; we also ran around the apartment & stared at stuff & whatever other activities a toddler is into. Carrying stuff from one place to another. So that was Saturday & Sunday morning & afternoon-- you can tell it is "afternoon" on account of afternoon naps! I also went to the gym for a good clip both days, putting in an hour & a half each day-- & not a slacker hour & a half either, a full segment of at least nominally pushing it. Saturday night Jenny & I watched Captain America, which I liked, & then on Sunday night we went to Hell's Kitchen to watch the Superbowl at Matt & Katy's along with the crew of usual suspects: & Jocelyn, Justin & Annie, Chris, Kat & Aubin. I rooted for the Giants, obviously, because they are the sport's team from the place where I like, & because they are the sport's team most like a Dungeons & Dragons monster. I was sad that they didn't have the darker coloured uniforms, though. Football is the sport I like the best, because it is actually intelligible; the teams want to throw the ball & catch it, then run. Got it. The scoring is crazy, but that makes it all the sillier: Jocelyn had predicted a game of ten safeties, & then lo & behold the first thing that happened was a safety! Madonna's whole pharaoh thing was pretty good, but I didn't see any memorable commercials. Jenny had to wake up early Monday morning, so we didn't stay for the whole game, & then when we left we took the craziest way home! Jenny tried to act like I was the weird one for thinking it was irregular, but yeah, taking the C to the G is a super weird way to get home from there. Now I'm super tired, though I don't know why, since I wasn't up late & I didn't drink too much.
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