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Hivebent. (4)

Homestuck Book One by Andrew Hussie.

The adventure of
a young girl whose interests are
Freud & Cthulhu.

When Andrew Hussie finished Problem Sleuth everyone sort of held their breath for what would come next. What we got was Homestuck, a story about four kids that has grown to be the longest web comic in existence...& my sole point of reference with whole phyla of human beings. Or not the only point, necessarily-- there was that time at the Protomen concert where I spent the preshow talking to a bunch of teenagers about it. Here is the thing-- if Problem Sleuth was a complex story move at a frantic pace with a unique brand of manic genius? Then Homestuck is an inmate escaped from Arkham Asylum, running riot in the streets, stalked by Batman. It starts off rather slowly; the foundations of the world being laid in cake batter & Moai-like DADs, yarn & martini sipping MOMs. I remember the first moment you glimpse what is to come-- when Rose deploys the Alchemiter, that is when I knew it was time to buckle my seat belt. Homestuck suffers even more than Problem Sleuth when you try to transcribe it onto paper-- .gif pages, flash pages, flash movies, playable video game fights, playable video game puzzles, &...what, eight albums of music? Homestuck has gone from a kid on his birthday fiddling with his chat client to...well to things like [S] CASCADE. The book wisely has all the page urls in the corner, & Hussie uses the annotations to point out when you are really missing out. Reading this makes you aware of the road not taken-- a kernel sprite of Matthew McConaughey with a straight razor in his face?-- & of the bricks already laid down from the beginning-- NANNA'S death involving a tall bookcase, a ladder & an unabridged COLONEL SASSACRE? Homestuck is big & complex...but incredibly rewarding.

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