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wizard is now a men's magazine?

okay, the last time i looked at a copy of wizard, which is a magazine about comic books (see also, sports night, a show about a sports show), was at the work picnic of carla's that jenny & i crashed. robert had a copy, & i idly flipped through it. whatever; not a deep bond or anything, but i can imagine that if comics & dnd were switched, i might care. then comes today with the big news: wizard is now a "men's magaine". now, i'm not opposed to people finding pictures of scantily clad girls to be hot. i am, however, opposed to the gross frat boy mentality that tends to get dragged along with it. heck, somehow playboy has managed to at least have a token effort at class, & someone told me that the european fhm is maybe good? but this new crop of magazines is just fucking gross & insulting. call me crazy, but shooting at fish in a barrel, aka the lowest rung of the comic book demographic? is supposed to be what the industry is trending away from, right? i mean, maybe i'm fooling myself by reading sites with people who have pretty basic requirements for what is "good" & what is "bad." i mean, maybe i'm jumping the gun? the article with kristen bell seems pretty much above board. then again, there is a feature where you match the boobs to the video game- note, you don't even match the boobs to the character, just the game. the girl they are attached to it totally removed from the equation. real nice touch there, fellas. oh, & wait. slapping "men's magazine" on the cover? what the fuck does that buy you outside of alienation? i'm, frankly, disappointed. you know? i mean, i'm a handsome creature, & the folks i know into the serial cartoon format tend to be pretty decent in the looks department. shouldn't we be the face of what comics is trying to become, & not pimply faced little fat kids? you know, didn't anyone figure out that you can meet your target demographic half way? that if you shoot for a higher bracket, the higher bracket will be interested in you? you stupid jerks, girls actually like comics: stop trying to ruin it for them. because you're wrecking it for me too.
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